E. H. Carn defined history as the "unending dialogue between the present and the past." What is learned in the past can be put to use in the future; relationships are made strong through a shared history.

The named partners began practicing one week apart in 1982 in McAllen, Texas, in, what was at that time, one of the oldest and largest firms in South Texas. In 1991, they, together with another partner, formed a new firm based on the desire to provide more personal service. Today, Walker & Twenhafel, L.L.P. continues the long, stable, business and personal relationship that has evolved over the years.

One of their goals was to service the unique needs of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The firm’s lawyers grew up and were raised in the area, making them familiar with the customs and contacts of South Texas -- a major asset to any client attempting to create or respond to legal situations.

Between the lawyers in the firm, there is a combined more than three quarters of a century of legal experience ready to be put to practical use for clients both inside and outside the courtrooms of South Texas.